Monday, April 11, 2011

the Growing Season

the growing season
the growing season
the growing season
the growing season
the growing season
After a long winter, Spring, warmth and new life have arrived. Our garden is filled with all of my favorite greens, and soon, my tri-weekly trips to our farmers market will resume. A time of growth, and a sweet reminder of just how beautiful this life can be.


Mama S. said...

Megan-Joy, your photos are so inspirational! Love everything about you and your little family!

Kathleen said...

looks like a great start! we have a couple different farmers markets around town but the one closest to my house starts in june, i can't wait to take violet . thanks so much for your kind words, you are always so sweet . im always anticipating a recipe post :)

Marilia said...

Hi! I´m MarĂ­lia and i came here because i saw here that Silvia suggested your blog.
I would like you to know that i loved your blog, the pictures, recipes and your garden!
Yesterday i planted some parsley at home and i can´t wait to see it growing!
Kind regards,