Thursday, May 10, 2012



Lately, I've taken time to just enjoy quiet moments around the house with Andreas and Lucía.  Snuggling and reading books in bed, working in the garden, cooking together.  Andreas will be going to school in the Fall, which means things will be very different for us come September.  The dynamic around here is going to change, a lot.  Instead of allowing myself to be sad and nostalgic, I'm savoring each day we still have with the three of us at home. 

Another reason for my break in blogging - we're going to Costa Rica soon.  It took Toby and I five weeks to decide which country in Central/South America we wanted to visit (in the end, Andreas decided), and the last couple of months to research and plan out all of the details.  

Also, I've been thinking of opening an Etsy shop for housewares (plates, glasses, cake stands, etc.), table linens and aprons I find.   What do you guys think?  Would you be interested in that kind of thing?

I hope you're all enjoying the perfect spring weather, and time outside.  I'll have a new recipe in a few days!


RobbinTheHood Vintage said...

Yes! I'd shop :)
check out our shop too!
RobbinTheHood Vintage. Hope you all are well. xo

Ashley said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying time with your family.

YES to the Etsy shop!

Kate Alexander. said...

That shop would be amazing! I'm glad you three soaking up every moment together- have fun in Costa Rica!!

Samantha said...

If you will be selling mugs like the one up there in your photos, I am definitely interested!

Jessie said...

LOVE the idea of an Etsy shop. Have a beautiful time in Costa Rica with your family of 4. xo

Dorothy H. said...

Yes, to an Etsy shop!!

Shawnee said...

new to your blog - i love your recipes!! i just shared them with my friends. these photos are beautiful! have fun in costa rica! xo

Jo said...

Yes! Please do.