Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer to Fall


Fall is officially here, and the cool air is beginning to creep in.  We have the garden ready to plant fall crops, and my weekly CSA the last few weeks has been a beautiful array of winter squash.  I also baked a couple loaves of banana bread the other day (my first baking in months and months).  I love this time of year - sipping tea, thunderstorms, sweaters, spices, pumpkin, apples, baking, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

You may have noticed the pretty big change around here : a new name.  It's been nearly three years since I started writing this blog, and it's changed and grown a lot in those three years.  La Mesa, "the table" in Spanish, is a name really dear to my heart.  It's one that my Mom suggested in the very beginning.    Since I'm looking to begin the long process of jumping to a website, I decided to finally change it.  Eventually, I'll change the url - but for now, it'll stay wholefamilyfare.

I hope you're all enjoying the cooler weather, and have a wonderful weekend.

footnote:  for some reason, the recipe section links haven't been working for a few weeks, but I'll do my best to fix them as soon as possible!


Ana said...

I love your new name and really like your blog. Your photography is wonderful! I'll make sure I come and look again. The Leaping Zucchini

Everywhere I go said...

Me encanta el nombre de La mesa. Te seguiré siguiendo.

kandice said...

i just spent the better part of a half hour looking through your blog. it's so inspiring and beautiful.

my little family is in the process of becoming vegan (small, steady steps in order to make such a large change) and, i've got to say, i don't think i could, at this point, feed my young daughter any other way. we're really enjoying it. it's always great to find blogs that inspire that side of us ;)

Chantall said...

love your universe... thank you for sharing...

Brooke Markey said...

Megan! I love the new name, just peeking at your blog tonight as I love to do. Can you post your guacamole recipe?! (or message it to me) I think it is so yummy yet so so easy to make. Leighton and I are still talking about it!!

Veggie polyglotographer said...

"La mesa" is very meaningful to me also, because my das es argentino.
I absolutely love your blog.
There are few things more beautiful than a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables.

karimaxwell said...

I want to eat up your photos. Just LOVEly.

rosemike089 said...

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